Company mission, vision and values

Company mission, vision and values

Ports are key agents in the economic development of the territories in which they are located and to which they provide service. In Spain, according to data from Ports of the State, about 60% of exports and 85% of imports go through the ports. More than half of Spanish trade with the European Union, and 96% of that relating to third countries, is carried out via the port maritime route. The sector contributes approximately 20% of the GDP of the transport sector, which represents 1.1% of the Spanish GDP.

Our mission and vision

The public function and the commitment to society of the ports are reflected in the mission of the Port Authority of Vilagarcía, defined in its strategic plan as "Turning the port community of Vilagarcía de Arousa into the logistical benchmark for external connectivity and socio-economic development of its expanding hinterland, as well as a key agent in the maritime traffic of the peninsular northwest”. The elements of the vision are also made explicit in the strategic plan.
On the one hand, there are those related to our purpose, the "what" of the mission:

  • Increase in port activity
  • Turn the Port of Vilagarcía into a key logistics platform in the northwest of the peninsula
  • The Port Authority as an agent of economic and social development, and an example of public-private collaboration.

And on the other hand, those related to the way to reach those goals, the "how" of the mission:

  • Orientation to continuous improvement, total quality and management efficiency of the AP
  • Prioritize the environmental sustainability of port activity

As for the vision of the Port Authority, this is formulated as "being recognized as a port authority that responds to the challenges and needs of the productive and logistic sectors of its area of influence".

Our values

The Port Authority promotes ethical and professional principles that are reflected in its attitudes and inform its actions, both towards the exterior -port community, clients and users, and society in general- and internally -government bodies of the Port Authority, and its staff-.These principles are transversal to all the activity of the Port Authority and for this reason they are embodied in various documents.

Two of these documents, which mainly -but not exclusively- address the values ​​that are manifested in the day-to-day life of the organization and in the work of the members of its staff, are:

POLÍTICA DE CALIDAD, MEDIOAMBIENTE Y PRL2021.pdf (available in Spanish only)

CODIGO ETICO Y DE CONDUCTA APV.pdf (available in Spanish only)


More information

The Corporate Integrity section of this website includes additional information on tools, procedures and commitments of the Port Authority for the prevention of corruption and transparency in its management.