Public Domain

Public Domain

The fees to be paid by the holders of a concession or authorisation for occupation of the port public domain are calculated taking into account the land valuation report based on market criteria, in accordance with the provisions of article 175 of the Law on State Ports and the Merchant Marine.
The procedure for the approval of this assessment is set out in article 177 of the same law.

The current valuation of the land and water areas in the port of Vilagarcía de Arousa, as well as land affected by aids to navigation service, was approved by Order FOM/817/2015, of 13 April, and subsequently published in the Official State Gazette (Boletín Oficial del Estado, BOE).

Below, we provide the necessary forms to make a new request for authorisation, concession or permit, and details on the documentation required for its processing. These requests must be presented through the electronic headquarters of the Port Authority.

Authorization application form

Concession application form

Regatta application form

Activities subject to authorization

The use of fixed port facilities by ships, cargo and passengers, which is governed by the Operations and Police Regulations and the corresponding Port Ordinances.

The occupation of the port public domain with movable property or removable facilities, or without them, for a period not exceeding three years.

Activities subject to concession

The occupation of the port public domain, with non-removable works or facilities or uses for a period of more than three years.

Concessions may only be granted for works, installations or uses that conform to the determinations established in the Delimitation of Port Spaces and Uses.

Activities subject to permits

Regattas and nautical sporting events .