Works and Projects

Works and Projects

One of the fundamental premises of the Vilagarcía Port Authority is the improvement of its infrastructures, equipment and services to achieve greater port competitiveness and a better Port-City relationship.

Among the programmed actions, the third phase of the railway to Ferrazo stands out. This works will give continuity to the works carried out between the years 2012 and 2016. Thanks to this two earlier phases of this project, all the docks in the port of Vilagarcía have currently their own rail connection, which has a positive effect on its operation and competitiveness, and also guarantees optimal maritime-rail intermodality.

Ferrazo Railway, phase 3

The Port Authority plans to tender this year 2023 the Ferrazo Railway phase three work, financed with funds from the Mechanism for Recovery and Resilience (MRR). This is an action already planned when the initial Ferrazo Railway project was drafted, and whose execution had been delayed.

Phase one of the Ferrazo Railway works took the railway to the Commercial docks in their east and west alignments, and to the Comboa dock. In the project, it was initially planned to continue the route along the port link road and extend it to Ferrazo, but finally it was decided to make the connection with the Ferrazo wharf through the Comboa wharf, which allowed reducing both the execution period of the work and the planned investment in phase two.

In this third phase of the works, it is planned to carry out the pending action, which is the connection with the Ferrazo wharf by the port link road, an alternative route to the already existing one, so as to avoid the occupation of the Comboa wharf in the operations of the passage of the train towards Ferrazo.

An investment of 1.4 million euros in the projected works will make possible the creation of a railway waiting and passage area that will be located outside the docks, through a main track 1,200 meters long and a waiting area of 500 metres, which will join the existing ones executed in phase two of this project (section corresponding to the Ferrazo wharf).