Docks and terminals

Docks and terminals

For the proper development of port operations, the Port of Vilagarcía has several terminals with special facilities focused on a specific type of traffic.

Thus, the Expansion of the Ferrazo dock (ampliación de Ferrazo) is dedicated to the movement of containers, while Ferrazo Norte is intended for both containers and general merchandise. Both activities are carried out in the concession granted to Boluda Maritime Terminals.

The Ferrazo dock contains the facilities for the storage of liquid bulk included in the concessions granted to Foresa, Industrias Químicas del Noroeste.

The concession granted to Aceites Abril and intended for the storage of oil for human consumption, as well as the solid bulk terminal granted to Cementos Tudela Veguín, is located in the area of the link quay - dock of Comboa.

Finally, the Comercial dock houses the general merchandise terminal granted to García Reboredo Hnos.

The rest of the docks and non-concessioned adjoined buildings of the port area are multipurpose, being used for various types of traffic (aluminium, quartz, wood, etc.) depending on the operational needs of the Port Authority and its clients.


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