Navigation Aid

Navigation Aid

The Vilagarcía Port Authority is responsible for managing the navigation aid infrastructure in the Arousa and Muros-Noia estuaries. The rugged coastline whose signalling is under the jurisdiction of the port of Vilagarcía explains the high number of aids necessary to guarantee navigation safety.

Beacon plan

List of lighthouses and beacons

In addition to these navigation aids, in the aforementioned estuaries there are other maritime signals dependent on Portos de Galicia, mainly for signalling the polygons of rafts and docks under autonomous ownership.

Lighthouses of Spain

The Port of Vilagarcía is striving to modernise and enhance this equipment, in addition to making it possible to open up to complementary uses those spaces of the lighthouses that are not necessary for their main function as a maritime signal. Two of the lighthouses managed by the Arousa port, those of Corrubedo and Punta Ínsua, are undergoing refurbishment works for the creation of hotel establishments inside them, within the framework of the “Lighthouses of Spain” initiative, while that of Punta Cabalo has hosted a restaurant establishment for years.

The use of the potential of the Corrubedo (Ribeira) and Punta Insua (Lariño, Carnota) lighthouses for the tourist promotion of the areas in which they are located was carried out after the announcement of a competition for the selection of the best offer and subsequent granting of a concession by the Port Authority. In all cases, the main use of the lighthouse as a navigation aid is guaranteed.