For the Port Authority, security in all its actions is an inalienable principle. The Control Center supervises all port operations and controls both access to the port area and the activity taking place on the docks.

The Port of Vilagarcía has, among others, the following security and protection measures for people, facilities and ships:

  • Enclosure fenced around its perimeter, except for areas open to public use (citizen port).
  • Access control system for both vehicles and people.
  • Video surveillance and supervision by the Port Police, 24 hours a day.

Access control

As it is an area with access restrictions for security reasons, in accordance with current legislation, entering the port area requires identification at the time of entry, or prior accreditation.

Maritime Interior Plan

The Maritime Interior Plan is the instrument by which the Vilagarcía Port Authority defines the strategy of action in the event of a marine pollution event, understood as an event or series of events of the same origin that involve the direct or indirect introduction into the marine environment of substances or energy that cause or may cause harmful effects (such as coastal risks, including the loss of biodiversity, obstacles to maritime activities, especially fishing, tourism, leisure activities and other legitimate uses of the sea, an alteration of the quality of marine waters that limits its use and a reduction of its recreational value, or, in general terms, an impairment of the sustainable use of marine goods and services), and that require emergency measures or other immediate response.

A simplified version of the Port Authority's Maritime Interior Plan is available for download in this section.

ISPS code

The Vilagarcía Port Authority complies with the international code for the protection of ships and port facilities, or ISPS Code, adopted by the International Maritime Organization (IMO), to establish an international framework, in the maritime field, of cooperation for detect threats and take preventive measures. This code requires the preparation and maintenance, both at the level of the Port Authority and the companies located in the port area, of a Port Facility Protection Plan or PPIP, based on an evaluation and comprising the three levels of protection. The purpose of this document is to collect the appropriate measures to prevent unauthorized access to the facility, vessels or restricted areas, guarantee the protection of cargo and equipment for its handling, among other purposes.

The codes of the Port of Vilagarcía de Arousa are:
Port ID number: 19565
A locator: ESVIL

Coordination of business activities

The coordination of the different activities that take place in the port area is also the responsibility of the Port Authority.

All natural or legal persons hired by the Port Authority to carry out any activity must prove that they have carried out the coordination of business activities. The coordination of business activities always requires the delivery, by the company or contracted body and prior to the beginning of any action, of the documentation required by the Port Authority in accordance with the established models; additionally, additional actions may be required during the execution of the works. It will be the responsibility of the company to transfer the appropriate guidelines to the workers who carry out work in the public port domain for the Port Authority.


The Port Authority of Vilagarcía periodically develops drills in order to test the operation of its action plans in case of emergency. Carrying out this type of exercises allows verifying the level of preparedness to face different types of emergencies, testing the response times to the situations raised and checking the correct functioning of the coordination mechanisms between the different participating institutions and companies.