Cruise Ships

Cruise Ships

Vilagarcía, a call not to be missed

The Port of Vilagarcía combines its logistics and commercial activity with the arrival of cruise ships. And this port has, due to its unbeatable geographical location, become a neuralgic point from which to discover Galicia, the Rías Baixas, the region of O Salnés and Santiago de Compostela.

The Port of Vilagarcía offers a high-quality service to its cruise passengers and a wide range of activities to carry out during their stay.

A privileged setting

The Arousa Estuary is synonymous with excellence in mussel harvesting. It is the largest producer and marketer of this product around the world and has a unique quality certificate: the PDO Mexillón de Galicia. The rafts (floating infrastructures used for the cultivation of mussels) are one of the most characteristic elements of the landscape of this estuary.

Once on land, the cruise passenger has no shortage of alternatives to enjoy their stay. Vilagarcía and its immediate surroundings bring together a wide and diversified leisure and recreational offering, both outdoors and indoors. From guided tours in wineries with the possibility of tasting local wines, playing golf, diving or water sports, hiking routes, visits to monuments and natural spaces, large country houses, beaches or the best cuisine of the Rías Baixas area, with the fish and seafood as the main attractions.

Attractions to discover

Vilagarcía, and by extension the entire O Salnés region, has numerous attractions to offer, both from a landscape, architectural, cultural or culinary point of view, and in each of its towns visitors will be able to discover unique corners that will make their stay unforgettable.

At the foot of the pier, travellers are offered tourist and commercial information about Vilagarcía and its area of influence. The Port, the City Council and the local associations of hoteliers (AHITUVI) and the retailers association (Zona Aberta) collaborate in the implementation of these and other measures aimed at cruise passengers who decide to stay in Vilagarcía.

Traveller transport

Smaller cruise ships calls take place in O Ramal dock, while vessels with greater draft or length use one of the docks in the southern part of the port area (Ferrazo, Comercial W, Comercial N or Comboa)

Cruise passengers in the Port of Vilagarcía have at their disposal a free shuttle service that connects the docking pier with the city. There are other alternatives such as taking a taxi or walking, since the pier is integrated into the urban area and the distance is really affordable.

Another option is to take part in some of the excursions offered in the holiday package. Santiago de Compostela is undoubtedly the most popular destination, and walking through its famous old town to visit its cathedral is one of the most attractive activities. The Arousa port is the closest one to the capital of Galicia and its connection, whether by road or train, is direct, comfortable and fast.