The improvement of maritime-rail intermodality has been in the last decade one of the most ambitious commitments of the Vilagarcía Port Authority, which between 2012 and 2016 undertook a transformative action for the extension of its railway network to the southern part of the port.

The port of Vilagarcía currently has a modern and efficient railway connection that runs entirely through the port public domain. The network reaches all the docks (O Ramal, Comercial, Comboa and Ferrazo) such that any of the goods moved through the port of Vilagarcía can be transported by the intermodal maritime-railway route.

This railway connection will be improved by means of the development of a third phase of Ferrazo railway, whose tendering procedure is expected to take place during this year, and which constitutes one of the most important investiments for the Port in the short term. The particulars of the projected works are detailed in Works and Projects section of this web.


Plano ferrocarril


The proximity between the port and the Vilagarcía train station allows for quick access to the ADIF railway network, and the central position of Vilagarcía on the Galician Atlantic coast facilitates the entry or exit of goods bound for all of Galicia and also to the plateau region.

It is in medium-distance transport where the competitive advantages of the railroad compared to other means of land transport have been most clear, so the excellent intermodal infrastructures of the port of Vilagarcía have also allowed it to expand its hinterland and attract or consolidate traffic ports.