Corporate integrity and good governance

Corporate integrity and good governance

Vilagarcía Port Authority makes available in this section various information of public interest and utility related to compliance with its obligations in terms of transparency, good use of resources and the fight against fraud and corruption.  

Anti-fraud institutional statement

Declaración institucional antifraude (available in Spanish only)

Anti-fraud action plan

Plan de medidas antifraude (available in Spanish only)

Transparency Portal

Portal de transparencia (available in Spanish only)

Code of ethics and standards of conduct
Internal Reporting System

Through the Internal Information Channel (Whistleblowin Channel) of the Vilagarcía Port Authority, all those people who have professional or labour relation with it, as well as those who have already finished their professional relationship, volunteers, trainees or workers in training period and people who participate in selection processes, may communicate or reveal infractions.

The channel is established in accordance with the provisions of Law 2/2023, of February 20, regulating the protection of people who report on regulatory violations and the fight against corruption. The purpose of the law is to provide adequate protection against reprisals that reporting individuals may suffer (in accordance with the provisions of the law itself) as well as to strengthen the culture of information, the integrity infrastructures of organizations and the promotion of the culture of information or communication as a mechanism to prevent and detect threats to the public interest.

Article 2 of the aforementioned law includes the actions or omissions that may be the subject of information.

The following link contains exhaustive information on the operation of the Internal Reporting System, in which the Internal Information Channel is integrated: scope, person in charge, procedures, etc. 


(Available in Spanish only)

Internal Information Channel (Whistleblowing Channel) is available through this link:


Or by post: 

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