Regular maritime services

Regular maritime services

The transport of containerised goods by sea in the Port of Vilagarcía has two lines and allows the transfer of goods to various destinations, not only national and European, but also transatlantic. 

The concession holder of the container terminal is the company Boluda Maritime Terminals, which develops its activity in the land created after the enlargement of the Ferrazo quay.

The company has been operating since its establishment in the port of Vilagarcía with an Atlantic route linking Vilagarcía with the Cantabrian coast, Portugal and the Canary Islands. This container line offers its clients two weekly frequencies for the transfer of their products. The design of this route allows its users to have a complete range of possibilities when transporting their goods to multiple destinations around the world. 

Besides, from the summer of 2023 the company Nirint Shipping has been making two monthly calls at the Boluda terminal in the port of Vilagarcía. Thanks to this service, customers in the area of influence of the port of Vilagarcía can connect directly with several Caribbean ports (Barcadera, Willemstad, Bonaire, Santiago de Cuba, Mariel, Moa) as well as Canada (Halifax). 

The strategic location of these facilities allows shipments from Galicia and Portugal of dry and refrigerated containers. 

The Vilagarcía Terminal has 2 gantry cranes, a total area of more than 50.000 sqm, container stuffing facilities, equipment repair area and more than 90 reefer connections.

The Port of Vilagarcía has the possibility of intermodal rail/sea transport, a route that has already been used with very good results for the transport of containerised goods.

Other products (both general merchandise and solid bulk) with significant volumes in our port are also moved via regular line.


Maritime services

For the year 2024, the maritime services considered as regular line (and, where applicable, short sea shipping) are the following:

  • Boluda Lines: regular maritime service and short sea shipping (TMCD) of containers between the ports of Vilagarcía, Leixões, Setúbal, Las Palmas, Tenerife, Cádiz and Santander.
  • Nirint Shipping: regular maritime container service between the ports of Bilbao, Vilagarcía, Rotterdam, Santiago de Cuba, Mariel, Moa and Halifax.
  • Cementos Tudela Veguin: regular maritime service and TMCD of hydraulic cement between the ports of Vigo, Gijón, A Coruña and Vilagarcía.
  • Amasus Shipping: regular maritime service and TMCD of aluminium between the ports of Sunndalsora, Karmony, Rotterdam and Vilagarcía.
  • Amasus Shipping: Regular maritime service and TMCD of chipboard between the ports of Vlissingen, Drogheda, Birkenhead, Ellesmere and Vilagarcía.