For the Port Authority, security in all its actions is an inalienable principle. The Control Center supervises all port operations and controls both access to the port area and the activity taking place on the docks.

The Port of Vilagarcía has, among others, the following security and protection measures for people, facilities and ships:

Public Domain

The fees to be paid by the holders of a concession or authorisation for occupation of the port public domain are calculated taking into account the land valuation report based on market criteria, in accordance with the provisions of article 175 of the Law on State Ports and the Merchant Marine.
The procedure for the approval of this assessment is set out in article 177 of the same law.

Works and Projects

One of the fundamental premises of the Vilagarcía Port Authority is the improvement of its infrastructures, equipment and services to achieve greater port competitiveness and a better Port-City relationship. Among the latest actions carried out, the following stand out: