2021 Statistics

2021 Statistics

The Vilagarcía Port Authority closed the 2021 financial year with a historical record for port traffics. These reached the figure of 1,509,778 tonnes, almost 200,000 tonnes above the previous record, set in 2019. In this way, excellent expectations for the end of the year- which all the figures have advanced since the beginning of the year-were met. The percentage increase in traffic recorded in 2021 compared to 2020 is 24.7%.

The figures place Vilagarcía as the Port Authority with the second highest percentage increase in its traffic of the 28 that make up the state port system, in addition to being in the top 5, due to the percentage increase in its traffic, in the three categories of port traffic: dry bulk, liquid bulk, and general cargo.

One of the most outstanding figures of the statistics is the movement of general cargo, which exceeded 800,000 tonnes, almost 150,000 tonnes more than the previous annual maximum in this category of port traffic, established in 2020. In this section, two very important merchandise Due to their volumes in the port of Vilagarcía, such as board and aluminium, set new records at the end of the year. For their part, containers managed to compensate at the end of the year for part of the decrease accumulated in previous months, reaching a total of 33,937 TEUS in the annual accumulated figure. In tonnes, the movement of containers contributed almost 300,000 to the balance of port traffic for the year. The percentage increase in the category of general cargo in relation to the immediately previous year was 22.4%.

In the category of solid bulk, although an annual maximum was not established, the figures for 2020 are widely improved, with a rise of 35.7%, contributing 425,965 tonnes to the annual balance of port traffics. A noteworthy fact is that all the products included in this category see their figures increased in relation to the immediately previous year. The most outstanding rise corresponds to quartz, which with a percentage increase of 52.9%, exceeds 144,000 tonnes; this represents a new annual record for this product in the port of Vilagarcía. The second product by number of tonnes moved in this category is urea, of which 109,550 tonnes are recorded. For its part, cement, with almost 78,500 tonnes moved, marks its best data in the last decade.

In the liquid bulk section, the annual total stands at 271,958 tonnes, the best result in this category since 2008. The percentage increase compared to the previous year is 16.5%. In this category, the oil figures stand out: the first time since the entry into operation of the Aceites Abril terminal in our port, oil for human consumption exceeded the figure of 100,000 tonnes unloaded in one year. Paraffin, which contributes 19,500 tonnes to this statistic, also marks the best figures in its history, while methanol sets its best record since 2014.

Cruise traffic recuperation

To the figures associated with the movement of the different types of merchandise, we must add those corresponding to supllies, which contribute 7,752 tonnes, 47.5% more than in the previous year, and the highest figure in the last 10 years.

As for cruise traffic, the year ended with four calls, all of them in October, and a total of 2,876 people who disembarked at the port of Vilagarcía, of which 1,166 were passengers, and the remaining amount, crew. The arrival of cruise ships this year meant the reactivation of traffic that last year did not register any calls in our port, due to the restrictions associated with the COVID-19 pandemic.