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CraneCommercial docks in the port of Vilagarcía have a total berth length of approximately 3,000 metres, with a depth of water of up to 13 metres. Its total area is almost 570,000 square metres, of which more than 242,000 belong to open and closed storage areas.

Vilagarcía Port offers specific facilities for containerized goods, liquid bulk, dry bulk (with and without special installation) and general cargo. Equally, the facilities provide a fast, efficient and safe loading and unloading operations. Also for fish and shellfish, the port has available specific facilities to process and store such frozen products.

ContainerAmongst the Port facilities, its worth highlighting the Puesto de Inspección Fronteriza o Border Inspection Post, which comprises four different inspection organizations in its 1,200 square metres facilities:  Foreing Health, Animal Health, SOIVRE (Official Service of Inspection, Supervision and Exports Regulation) and Plan Health.

It is noteworthy that the Port has several specific facilities to ensure the safety of all its operations, which the Port Authority regards with the utmost importance. These are  the O Salnés area fire station, the Civil Protection facilities and the very modern control centre, which allows for supervision of all port activity. The control centre supervises access to the port area and operations being carried out on the docks at all times.


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