Sunday, 28-February-2021
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The history of Vilagarcía port and city has taken place in parallel for over a century. Due to its geographic location and shape, the port is a reference for the people of Vilagarcía. Not only in generating commercial and industrial activity, but also in dynamizing city life, leisure activities and free time for its neighbours and visitors, given that an ample Vilagarcian maritime area belongs to areas included in port public domain.

The evolution of maritime transport needs have made available to the people of Vilagarcía some areas that were used, in the past, for port actrvity. For example, the passenger quay, O Centenario Park, the marina and  its adjacent recreation area and the Miguel Hernández Park.

aerea Vilagarcía Port endeavours to continue making accessible  to all citizens areas no longer deemed adequate for port activity, and will continue separating the city port  (the closest to the town centre) with the commercial and industrial port (which includes those quays with greater depth of water and berthing line, situated towards the south of the port area). The next aim of this objective is to free up the O Ramal quay.


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