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CruiseVilagarcía port is an excellent starting point to discover the attractions of the Rías Baixas and Santiago de Compostela.  Arriving in Vilagarcía by sea offers beautiful views, and it allows you to admire the landscapes in the Salnés and O Barbanza areas. Furthermore, the Rías´s excellent navigation conditions assure you of pleasant voyage.

The Arousa Ría is, as well, a source of employment and richness for the neighbours of its surrounding two shores, which have made of the cultivation of its resources -through fishing, shellfish cultivation and aquaculture-  one of their main sources of income. One of the most characteristic elements of the Ría landscape are the bateas (Mussel platforms), which are used to cultivate mussels from the Ría.

As soon as cruise passengers set foot on land, there is no lack of activities for them to enjoy their stay. Vilagarcía and its immediate surroundings offer an extensive and varied range of leisure activities: visits to wine cellars, shopping, sports such as golf and diving, trekking routes, monuments, natural areas, beaches, Galician-styled country houses called pazos, gastronomy…

panel-miamiFor those who opt to get to know the city, they can avail of a free shuttle service, which connects the mooring quay with the town centre; taxi is also a good choice for getting to the city centre. Also at the foot of the quay, you have at your disposition both tourist and commercial information about Vilagarcía. The port, the city council, the local hospitality and retail associations (called AHITUVI and Zona Aberta, respectively) collaborate in the implementation of these measures designed for cruise passengers who decide to stay in Vilagarcía.

Another option is to take part in some of the excursions offered in the holiday packages. Without doubt the most sought after destination is Santiago de Compostela; going for a walk in the old town and visiting the cathedral are two of the most preferred cruise passengers activities. Vilagarcía port is the nearest port to the Galician capital and historically the cities have been closely linked.

The O Salnés area has a lot to offer, too, from the point of view of landscape, architecture, cultural, gastronomy and in every corner the visitor will discover memorable experiences.

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